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Setting Prices for your Artwork or Services

Setting prices is often a tricky part of any business. If you have physical products you can work on your costs and make a sensible decision on either mark-up or preferably, your margin. This is so for all such businesses. However, what about setting prices when your product/s are either digital or you are in a service industry. To some extent, nothing has changed because you have costs for the things you use to provide your service. An artist, for instance, has art materials to buy, mounting and framing to commission and supplementary costs like utilities. the bulk of the cost for a piece of artwork will relate to the artist’s time in research, painting, re-painting and so on. This is the dilemma that exists for most small service businesses. Some artists will choose to charge by the hour, by the square inch or by the rate he/she knows is possible. This means that reputation is very important and the greater the reputation the better chance there is to increase your prices. The other main elements are scarcity, notoriety, newsworthiness and so on. It is about perceived value, but for the jobbing artist working in his shed, prices are determined by his base costs and what the local market will stand. That is assuming he wants to put food on his table. Your Vision of Value Here is a picture which may or may not be familiar with. If you are not familiar with it, what would you value it to be worth? First Picture         Second Picture             This is the same picture other... read more

Hosting is Important

Hosting is important Hosting is a server where all your website files exist. Did I say hosting is important? If you are ever offered free hosting on a server that is in a place you know nothing about, be careful. If you look at the post on SSL certificates, you can see how easy it is for thieves to hack your site. What they do next is variable. Possibly take over the site altogether to promote their own or affiliate products; maybe use your site to spam millions of other people; if you have your details there they may try to take over your web identity. Whatever their motives, you KNOW that it is not good for you. What is your location? This is helpful to decide your hosting plan. If you are in the USA, then hosting in there would be a good plan and there are definitely some reasonably priced plans available. If you are in Europe, yes you guessed it, aim for hosting in Europe. Sometimes the prices are less advantageous, but don’t let price be the deciding factor. Different types of hosting available Shared – This is a very common type of hosting and one that about 90% of websites use. As it suggests, this is a server used by many websites, sometimes hundreds or more. Every website on that server will have a common IP address (a bit like a Postcode (zip code). Now imagine if someone in your own postcode area does something terrible (thinking of murder and mayhem here) and what sort of impact that might have on you. Maybe nothing, but maybe all... read more

Stuck For a Post Image

Sourcing a post image can be a pain if you don’t have a suitable one for your post or page, but you can create one of your own with content you already have. People Respond to a Post Image When a post (or page) appears to be a solid wall of text, most people will not bother to read it. Even a video or an audio file will have your visitors switch off after just a few minutes which doesn’t say much for modern man does it? So back to creating your own post image You need no particular software just an internet connection. Follow these simple instructions step-by-step. Find a bank of text you already have for either a post or a page Copy the text into your clipboard Go to and choose create from the top menu which will open up a couple of text boxes Paste your text into the top box and press GO A word of warning, you do need to have Java installed to run this How to Make the Image Work Once the software has worked its magic, you will be presented with a tag cloud of the content. Words that appear more often in your content will be bigger and more prominent so if you are wanting to target a particular keyword, you may want to add that a few times more before pasting into Wordle. There are some more options about the text box so you can change the layout, the colours, the font and the background and when you are satisfied, you can save your cloud as a .PNG ready to use in... read more

When an SSL Certificate is Needed

In the early years of the internet, people were less knowledgeable and quite honestly, better mannered, so the need for an SSL Certificate was related more to the larger companies and financial institutions rather than small businesses. As time progressed, hacking, spamming, phishing and such terms became known to both developers and individuals.  These issues created more than just a little bit of a nuisance, where maybe your website was taken over, or your email address used for SPAM, and in the worse case, your credit card details stolen and used before you knew about it and were not in a position to stop it. As with any sort of attack, organisations grew up to not only fight these issues but to prevent them happening in the first place – this is where using an SSL Certificate comes into play. How an SSL Certificate Works A clever thief looks for insecure data lines to make his job easier and with all the ‘bots’ available it is not such a difficult task for him. If there is absolutely no security on your website you are just issuing an invitation to have your data stolen. This is more important when you run an e-commerce website because your customers may be adding their personal details and worse still their credit/debit card details. Your responsibility as a business owner is to offer a secure environment for your customers – the consequences are 1. at best your customers lose confidence in you and 2. at worst hold you liable for any financial losses they incur. With an SSL Certificate, the data flow is given much more protection and to some extent... read more

The Importance of Your Site Speed

First of all your content must be good, relevant to your audience and easy to read so where does site speed come into it and what does it mean?

What the Search Engines See

There are trillions of websites floating in the ‘ethers’ of the internet. Some sites are huge, some are small and some are not even complete.

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