About Us

Website Weaver is part of a family business Kronowerx Ltd. Between us we have many years of experience in web design, programming, sales, project management and teaching/ training. Overall, our aim is to provide good services to small businesses without charging huge consultancy fees and doing very little.

With Website Weaver, we can provide small businesses with web design to improve their online presence without a huge upfront payment. This helps us to help you build up your website and your ‘connections’ at a sensible pace so you are in charge of what you do online. Training and support is on-going and when you need to know how to do something specific, there is a good chance we have a tutorial for that or we can personally take you through it step-by-step.

Tutorials are being added slowly but again, you can always ask and we can have a chat over Skype for instance to get you to a point of that “AaHa” moment.

Remember, it is relatively easy to create a website but it is not so easy to market it in a way that attracts visitors who convert into customers. One of the main issues small businesses overlook is that when you want to push to the front of the queue with the search engines there is a cost involved usually in the form of ads. This is where you can lose a lot of money if you don’t get it right and an area we can help you with.

Let’s evolve together!