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Why Do you Want a Website?

Why do you want a website?’ is perhaps the most difficult question for people to answer if they have not really thought about it. Every type of business has its own challenges, but it is becoming more important to make use of the internet services available to promote yourself, your business and your products. Creative people and groups have to some extent been left behind. Often there is the concept that you need to be technically adept to have a website and of course, you need to be making a lot of money because it is all so expensive.

artists desk

I just want to paint. How much effort is needed to make a website and how much is it going to cost me in time and money?


Being out and about most days, how can a website help me sort out my images and deal with potential clients

knitted hoodies

It’s not just me, I belong to a craft group – we would need to club together to sell our craft items on one website

making mugs

I have no shop or outlet for my ceramics and tend to sell my stuff from my garage and occasionally at local craft fairs and markets.

So, why do you want a website?

Your Identity

Whether you enjoy painting or are an avid sports fan are you just an amateur or a hobbyist or is there something else that you think would identify you. After having a new baby you may identify as being a ‘Mum’ or a ‘Dad’ but then that may not sit very well for you as a complete definition of you.

Once you start to charge money for that one thing that you think gives you an identity, you also become a business owner. This is important because although you can be a photographer for instance (that is your skill and how talented you are will definitely affect your success) but you also need to take care of the business side of what you do.


You have the tools to do your work and usually that builds and improves with time and success – sorted. Your business tools are a different thing altogether – think banking, book-keeping, business cards. You may have a business premisestoolbox_512 or perhaps you work from home but you will probably have an outlet for your work. By that it could be fairly low impact with products placed elsewhere to sell, leaflets and advertising, markets. If you are lucky, you may have work placed in exhibitions either locally or otherwise.

If you do not have an online presence you are allowing your business to suffer . Nowadays people expect you to have a website even if it is just to advertise the whereabouts of your shop and opening times. A website is potentially one of your best marketing tools and you need to think seriously about your business and where you want it to go.

Costs and Commitments

Our main purpose is to get you online by producing a professional and affordable website for your business. Although our pricing structure is two tier, that is purely to lessen the financial impact for small businesses. If your preference is to pay for the service in one payment and source your own hosting, that is also an option. Any maintenance on the site is then totally in your hands unless you choose to have us maintain security, updates and changes.

Contact Us for a no-obligation chat and download our mini checklist to help focus on your website and what you want it to do for you. There is definitely no pushy sales because we need you to be pro-active with your site after which we can take care of maintaining it.

How Does it Work?

Affordable websites

affordable websitesYou will need to decide what the purpose of your site is to begin with and together we will build to your requirements.

We take this very seriously and if you are unsure about what you want, you can chat with us and, as always, are under no obligation to buy. Many have a misconception of prices but just to deal with that worry straight away . . . Our pricing model is normally a one-off set-up fee + a monthly fee which includes hosting, maintenance, updates and basic onsite SEO. From September we are also going to split our offers to give our customers more flexibility – Pricing.

What Our Clients are Saying

john etheridgeMy experience with Website Weaver has been nothing but positive. I have learned a lot about how to manage my own site which is perfect because my products are always changing and their enthusiasm for my business has been second to none. Sales are on the ‘up’ so absolutely no hesitation in recommending this company.

John Etheridge

Owner, John Etheridge Cycling Artist